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Do your bit for Plastic Free July

Going plastic-free may seem like a daunting task. Plastic, after all, is everywhere.

Making small changes could make a big difference to your plastic-free journey. If you focus on the single-use plastic in your life or around your business and start making swaps now,  you will soon find you’ve made a big difference. 

Simple Plastic Swaps:

  1. Switch single-use plastic cups to glass for your water machine. It’s a little more washing up but think how much plastic is saved from landfill.
  2. Switch all your shopping bags to plastic-free. Remembering to take them is the trick!
  3. Stock your vending machines with drinks in cartons instead of plastic bottles.
  4. Check your teabags! Are you using a plastic-free brand?
  5. Ensure your stationery is produced with recycled plastic, bamboo is a great alternative. Biodegradable notebooks and even folders made from plastic from the ocean, all help.

Use segregated recycling bins to ensure the plastic you do use, is disposed of.

Start your plastic-free journey today

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