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Can a uniform deliver a ROI?

Leavers hoodies and updated uniforms have kept us busy these past few weeks. Despite celebrations for students being muted this year, sales of branded school clothing has increased. In my day we used to just sign each others shirts,  how times have changed!

It does make you question the power of a uniform and its return on investment…

Look at the picture below. Do you see an apron,  something practical to protect splashes from staining clothes?

Or do you see hours of training perfecting skills so that you can have an exceptional coffee?  I know if I walked in to a coffee shop and was greeted by a Barista dressed like this, I would be looking forward to getting a pretty great coffee!

And that is interesting in itself because I’ve just bought in to the person, before the product,  simply because of how they are dressed.

A uniform that can encourage a sale before any “selling” takes place, that’s compelling ROI! 

Not convinced? There are measurable benefits for implementing a uniform:

  1. Safety – in some instances this is not negotiable. Make it safe and comfortable, and you’re on to a winner!
  2. Customer engagement. Customers view staff in uniform to be more professional, competent and trustworthy. (See my point above!)
  3. Level the playing field for your staff. Let the focus be on quality of work, not who has the most expensive clothes on.
  4. Free advertising! If you had to pay for the equivalent in advertising space, it would cost you far more than the uniform!
  5. Events or campaigns are easily advertised on staff uniform.  This could be a new product,  service or just highlighting here to help.

You don’t have to go all out,  you may just want some branded polo shirts to welcome customers back from lockdown or to update your jackets for site visits. Being visible is going to be a vital part of returning to normal after so long away from the coal face.

If you’re thinking of a refresh or adding something different, give us a call  024 7667 3415