From the top quality hand-made tags you’ll see on premium household wares and alcohol, to indestructible quality control tags we’re only happy to advise, design and manufacture a bespoke tag perfectly suited to your requirements. We have a wide range of processes in-house including digital variable data for security tagging and product identification. Get in touch today and our team will be very glad to discuss your projects.



This is the most popular material available. Tyvek tags are easy to write on and can be supplied in continuous form or as singles. Ideal for outdoor use they are chemical, water and tear resistant. We flood coat white Tyvek to six standard colours (red, yellow, blue, green, pink and orange).

Paper Covered Plastic (PCP)

Feels and prints like card, but you can't tear it. A plastic (PE) laminated with paper on both sides, paper covered plastic is very popular where strength is essential but water resistance is not. The tags can be supplied in continuous form. They are suitable for having slots put in and are easy to write on.


Tough, durable, waterproof and weatherproof with round corners a hole and a writable surface, serial numbers can also be added.
Our Custom Printed plastic waterproof tags and labels can be produced in almost any size or Colour required and four different thicknesses are available to suit most requirements: -

  • 220 micron (like thick plastic paper),
  • 440 micron (approx. 1/2mm – more rigid but still flexible and our most popular)
  • 650 micron (approx. Credit card thickness but a little more flexible)
  • 900 micron (our thickest and most durable at nearly 1mm)


Asset tags have been designed to prevent theft and to physically mark office furniture, laptops, desktop PCs and other IT equipment. The tags are quick to apply, adhesive is almost instant and they are very difficult to remove.

Our tags are used for securely marking kit so that it is a deterrent against theft and to allow for more efficient inventory control.
Our UK asset tags are printed with a special chemical, scratch and scuff resistant ink that will last the lifetime of the tag itself.

They are designed to work with all types of bar code readers to speed up and prevent mistakes during data entry, are printed on white or silver material and are supplied on rolls for easy hand application.

The ICT tags are usually applied to laptops, computers, printers, in fact most equipment and furniture you would expect to find in an office, server room, school, classroom, hospital, studio or factory.

Sequential numbered

To keep an even better track of your assets, it is possible to add sequential numbers to your asset label or asset tag design. Sequential numbers on your asset labels mean that they will be printed and arranged using a numerical sequence, starting with the first number that you provide.

With numerous applications for use on equipment in the business, education and the NHS, sequential number labels facilitate fixed asset accounting, inventory control, and quality and maintenance checks, and means that staff can easily identify the number sequence visually without the need to use barcode scanners.

It is particularly important that sequential number labels are durable, you should not be able to “rub off” the number and we ensure this by using only the best quality tape, printer ribbons and lamination.

Quality control

Accurate Quality Control records are an essential building block for your entire QA/QC system. And, in many applications, a hanging QC Tag works better than a label.

High quality, robust equipment service and repair tags including highly durable plastic loop through tags suitable for the harshest environments to strung card tags with reinforced holes. Our modern and versatile production facility allows us to produce repair tags to any shape, size, colour and quantity and can include consecutive numbering.

Our quality control signs cover inspection, quarantine, bonding and work in progress. We also supply tags for goods awaiting inspection, conforming goods, hold, scrap, failed or reject, rework and repair.

Our signs and tags are suitable for all quality assurance systems, including those accredited to ISO 9001, and in addition to the standard quality assurance signs we stock, we can also provide custom-made signage for your quality management system.