Label & Screenprint

How a side-line in Nameplate engraving became Graphic Arts Group

How we began

Our founder was a Chemist.  Used to a white coat and lab, he was also an entrepreneur. On the side, he also had an engraver in the garage. It might not have been a favourite past time for his son’s but it did lead to their future careers!

From a garage in Coventry, word soon spread and Brian found a gap in the market. He hung up his lab coat and the first division of Graphic Arts Group was established.

Nameplates were just the beginning

The early years may have focused on a niche area of labels, but it soon grew arms and legs with a plethora of labels being asked for.

Dome labels, asset tags, metal detectable labels, facia labels, anodised aluminium, chemically etched nameplates, we could go on!


Specialists you can trust

Our heritage in label printing has meant there are few label requirements and specifications we’ve not come across! Long partnerships with major manufactures and the public sector are based on service, expertise and quality as supported by our many accreditations.

You can still find Brian engraving. His craftsmanship in nameplate engraving is kept for friends and family. His ‘side-line’ legacy, the foundation of Graphic Arts Group today.