Whatever your label challenge, talk to our expert labels team and we will design and manufacture an effective solution. We produce all sorts of labels, everything from bespoke control panel fascia labels, to tamper proof security labels to artisan cider bottle labels! With a wide range of production processes available, we have a flexible approach to meeting delivery requirements and a commitment to quality underlined by our ISO9001 accreditation. Whether it’s one to one million, get in touch, we’d be glad to help.


A wide range of resin domed labels, domed badges and domed stickers ensuring that every job is completely fit for purpose. Superb full colour print definition is complimented by precision applied polyurethane resin which turns a lifeless flat vinyl label into an aesthetic branding tool of any shape or size.

Today's print software technology enables a sophisticated method of including many print options to the manufacture of resin domed labels, domed badges & domed stickers. In addition to the vibrant digital high resolution full colour print, the domed labels can be augmented with:

  • Sequential Numbering
  • Variable Data Insertion
  • Barcoding
  • Multiple Image Insertion

Domed labels & domed badges are manufactured to last and are capable of surviving in even the most hostile of environments where they still look great! Once applied (simply lift from sheet), you can rely on the rugged nature of the materials used to provide many lasting attributes:

  • Sequential Numbering
  • Variable Data Insertion
  • Barcoding
  • Multiple Image Insertion
  • Sequential Numbering
  • Variable Data Insertion
  • Barcoding
  • Multiple Image Insertion


We can reproduce both linear and datamatrix barcodes labels onto anodised aluminium, under surface printed polycarbonate and even stainless steel.

We can also reproduce QR codes, commonly used in Marketing, which when scanned provide a direct connection to a specific web page outlining the company, product or even instructions for use!

We can offer the most suitable process for your barcode labels depending on your particular application:- Roll-form labels offer an economical option for high volume usage in low risk applications such as Electronics, Logistics and Warehousing.

Anodised aluminium barcodes provide a hard-wearing finish in which the code is printed into the grain of the material – these are used in Military, Asset Management and Industrial applications.

Undersurface printed polycarbonate, where the barcode is printed on the rear of the material, ideal in applications where a full colour, flexible label or tag is required. Ideal for Marketing, Medical and Warehousing applications.

Etched stainless steel is used in very high temperature applications or in harsh environments such as the Oil and Gas Industry.

Our barcode labels can be supplied with either a self-adhesive backing, suitable to adhering to various substrates, or with fixing holes depending on your requirements. Using the latest digital printing technology we can also print full colour logos and text detail onto your barcode labels to ensure that they meet with your specific requirements.

Your roll labels will be made to any custom shape or size with your own measurements, and then printed for razor sharp detail and intensely rich colour. You can also choose from a range of finishes, such as gloss or matt, for just the right look. If your product involves food or drink, that’s no problem too. Our polypropylene material is waterproof and suitable for any external labelling, whilst our paper material is completely food-safe even for direct contact with edible products. With both materials, we only use FDA-approved toner so your labels on a roll can be perfectly suited to your needs.



Product labels, also known as pack front labels, food labels, nutritional labels and printed labels, are used widely in food and drink manufacturing and non-food manufacturing. Whenever information and strong brand recognition needs to be conveyed to the consumer a printed product label is likely to be used. We operate flexographic printing presses giving our customers the flexibility to create virtually any type of product label.

We make product labels to your specification. The best product label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Product labels printed in four colour process and colour matched to a delta e value of +/-two to match your brand exactly
  • Printable adhesives that allow product information to be printed on the reverse of the product label
  • High quality pack front labels including barcodes and other variable data

Also described as Graphic Overlays, fascia labels have the following features:

  • Wide variety of Polyester and Polycarbonate finishes
  • Materials suitable for extreme or harsh conditions
  • Chemical resistant materials
  • Anti-microbial materials
  • UV resistant materials
  • ATEX approved materials
  • Embossing; rim, pillow, braille, dome or combination
  • RFI/ESD/EMC shielding through ITO sputter coatings
  • Interchangeable legend and inserts
  • Selective textures via UV Lacquer coatings
  • ‘Secret-until-lit’ legends and graphics
  • Filter windows
  • Ul Approved Graphic Overlays


Metal detectable
labels & tags

Metal detectable labels and tags come in all sorts of forms; adhesive labels, loop-lock tags, self-tie tags, temperature resistant labels and tags, and many more. Metal detectable labels and tags are predominantly used in the food sector to ensure food safety and avoid contamination by labelling materials.

We make metal detectable labels and tags to your specification. The best metal detectable tag solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Allergen tags with an easy tick-box recording system that can be designed to fit your cages, trays and dolavs perfectly
  • Temperature resistant materials that maintain their integrity through your cooking, freezing or preparation processes
  • Thermal materials that can be used with your thermal transfer or direct thermal printer to record batch codes, product details, use by dates etc
  • Uniquely numbered or barcoded tags to simplify traceability.

Tamper evident labels, also known as tamper seals, tamper labels, tamper proof labels, security seals and void labels, are used across many industry sectors to protect brand integrity and safeguard consumers against counterfeiting. There are various types of tamper evident techniques, from ‘void’ labels to aggressive adhesive labels.

We make tamper evident labels and asset tags to your specification. The perfect tamper evident label solution will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Tamper seals and security seals made from paper and/or synthetic materials to suit your specific application
  • Asset tags and stickers designed to protect, and keep track of, your equipment
  • Customised shape, size and opacity of your tamper or security seal to work with existing packaging
  • Matching your brand or overprinted with variable barcodes or QR codes to aid product traceability.

Tamper evident

Variable data
labels & tags

Variable data labels and tags are also known as barcode labels, traceability labels, authentication labels and sequentially numbered labels. They are commonly used across many industry sectors to keep track of goods and containers, and for product authentication. Each variable data label or tag contains an individual piece of data in the form of a 2D code, barcode or QR code that, when scanned, allows unique identification.

We make variable data labels and tags to your specification. The best variable data label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • A QR code printed inside a peel and reveal label to add an element of surprise to your on-pack competition
  • Multiple codes on high frequency purchase products so the consumers get a variety of different messages when they repeat purchase
  • Durable label materials that are laminated to produce robust LPN labels for repeated use.

Removable labels are designed for use as temporary labels, which will be removed when they are no longer needed or are out of date. The adhesives used on these labels are designed to provide enough adhesive strength to keep the label in place while it is needed and to leave no adhesive residue behind when the label is removed.

While these labels are removable, they are not “repositionable” or “reusable”; once they have been stuck down, they can only be peeled off once and cannot be reapplied. You may be able to adjust the position of a label if you misapply it in the first instance but only on the condition that you remove, adjust, and reapply your label immediately (i.e. before the adhesive has begun to set). How removable a label is depends not just on the kind and amount of adhesive but also the surface it is stuck onto, the temperature, how much pressure was used to apply it, and how long it has been stuck on.


Thermal labels,
tags and cards

Thermal labels and tags are also known as over printing labels, printable labels, thermal transfer labels, direct thermal labels and portable printer labels. Thermal materials are also commonly used to produce tray cards and tray end cards. Thermal labels, tags and cards are predominantly used in the food sector wherever traceability information needs to be printed in-situ.

We make thermal labels, tags and cards to your specification. The best thermal label and tag solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Coated thermal materials designed to be robust and long lasting
  • Temperature resistant thermal materials that will withstand your cooking, freezing and preparation processes
  • Direct thermal and thermal transfer materials, depending on the type of printers you have in place

Serial numbers are a big part of business and are commonly used on products to track shipments, batch dates, lots and model numbers. Unique sequential serial numbering aids in quality control and protects against theft/counterfeiting. Options include:

  • Sequential numbering can be added to all self-adhesive labels
  • Unique coding using customer-supplied spreadsheets, or unique coding created by us on your behalf
  • Full range of materials available
  • Add unique barcodes
  • Asset labels with special over-laminate for added protection
  • Heat resistant labels and stickers available
  • Waterproof labels and stickers available

Serial numbered


Promotional labels come in many different forms; peel and reveal labels with variable data codes, scratch off labels and loyalty scheme collection stamps, to name a few. Promotional labels are used widely in the retail trade to engage customers in competitions, offers and loyalty schemes, and to mark down prices and label sale items.

We make promotional labels to your specification. The best promotional label solutions will be customised to meet your exact requirements; these may include:

  • Adding variable data alpha numeric codes beneath the scratch off panel or peel and reveal section to provide a link to a promotional website
  • Various shapes, face materials and adhesives to suit the surface that your promotional label will be applied to and the label application method
  • High volume loyalty stamps with sophisticated finishes that customers will love to collect.


Compared to traditional print processes, digital label printing has greater flexibility for shorter print runs, more variable design options, and has much higher quality output. Production is also more environmentally friendly eco conscious. 1440 DPI printing over an extended colour gamut produces incredible results with greater colour accuracy and detail. They are compatible with a wide range of materials, including clear, metallic and synthetic - perfect for premium products and applications.