Promotional Merchandise

Merch for Ukrainian Leadership Programme


The Brief

The University of Warwick, in collaboration with the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, Ministry of Education and Science, and Ministry of Digital Transformation, sought branded notepads for inclusion in welcome packs for Ukrainian students joining the Leadership for Educational Transformation Programme. The notepads needed to be in the colours of the Ukrainian flag (blue and yellow) and feature logos from both the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and the University of Warwick.

certificates of participation


The Project

Graphic Arts Group delivered bespoke branded merchandise that met the specific requirements of the Programme. The carefully selected Melton notebooks and matching Ball Pens showcased the program’s branding while providing students with practical tools to aid their educational journey.

The inclusion of these branded notepads in the welcome packs underscored The University of Warwick’s commitment to empowering Ukrainian students and fostering positive change in the country’s educational system.

Through their collaboration with Graphic Arts Group, the program organisers were able to create a memorable, impactful, and above all, useful memento for participants. The aim was to set the stage for a successful launch of the Programme while also provoking and encouraging an equally emotional and academic result to their involvement.


The Product

Graphic Arts Group proposed the Melton A5 Mole Notebook paired with the Melton Ball Pen. These products were chosen for their high quality and offered in blue and yellow to match the Ukrainian flag.

These notebooks feature 80 lined sheets, a back pocket, a pen loop, an elasticated closure, and a bookmark, providing students with a functional and stylish stationery solution. The co-ordinating Ball Pen features a tactile satin-matt finish and black ink.

The notebooks were printed with logos from both the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and The University of Warwick across the centre of the cover. This customisation added a personal touch and reinforced the partnership between the two institutions.

In addition, the Graphic Arts Group team was asked to design and print personalised certificates for the participants to receive at the completion of the Programme. These followed the same design colour scheme for the Ukrainian flag and provided a professional certificate for participants to include in their training portfolios. It was a nice way for the Graphic Arts Group to be involved in the project from welcome packs to completion certificates to show support through continued partnership and valued service.

branded merchandise notebooks


Results and Impact

The inclusion of customised notebooks and pens in the welcome packs left a lasting impression on recipients and stakeholders alike, reinforcing the partnership between The University of Warwick and the Ukrainian Leadership Academy.

Overall, this project showcased the power of strategic branding and collaboration in driving meaningful change within the education sector. Graphic Arts Group’s role in delivering high-quality branded merchandise helped enhance the program’s visibility and impact, leaving a positive legacy in Ukraine’s educational landscape.