The Brief

When we received an invitation through one of our partners to connect with one of the world’s foremost social media/technology businesses to provide a selection of branded merchandise for their staff to use, we were delighted to share our expertise.
The client is one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world with users in their millions in every country across the globe, so ensuring accurate brand guidelines were followed and a stringent, consistent print quality was delivered across numerous items was a very important consideration.
These are considerations we often must raise with customers as they look to us for guidance either on products to suggest, or reassurance the product is desirable. For example, we are regularly asked to deliver guidance on trends, popular products and new product ideas.

The challenge

When working to deliver these particular branded items, the client was keen to work towards several key considerations, something we were extremely happy to accommodate into our work:

• Re-usable- Can the product be reused, and therefore reduce single use plastic?
• Practical- Is the product likely to be used regularly and support in daily routines?
• Visible- Would the product be useable away from the workplace, therefore improving brand awareness?
• Desirable- Would the product be something that the recipient would likely purchase if it was sold, rather than gifted?
• Valued- Does receiving the product make the recipient feel appreciated?

The Solution

We led a collaborative process in which we provided visual 3d mock-ups of over 30 branded products for the client to evaluate, and counted the ‘likes’ from the client’s selection panel. A range of suitable items were then chosen as favourites to be a part of the collection.
The collection was chosen to support the teams within their everyday roles and provide highly visible brand awareness when used outside of the office. These included insulated mugs for hot drinks, notebooks, water bottles, lanyards, waist bags and hand sanitiser spray, all of which were branded with high quality print that delivered a consistent visual across each of the different materials.

Branding for your team

‘Brand image’, ‘corporate identity’ and ‘shared values’ are phrases that you may have heard being used when it comes to building a successful business. At the most basic level these principles are about how you want your business to be portrayed, both externally to potential customers, and internally to your employees (and future potential employees).

Branded materials are an outstanding way to promote your business to the outside world, but they can also be an effective way to show your support for your teams. By giving them useful tools that help them in delivering their jobs, or showing appreciation of great performance with rewards, your team can become the strongest advocates of your business.

Employee Merchandise

Branded merchandise can be a significant help to your employees, boosting productivity, building an affinity to the brand, and creating a shared sense of belonging with the colleagues. A sure-fire way to boost results and improve the image of your business, both inside your walls and outside.

The Result

The quality and range of branded items we delivered for Facebook has led to a very successful partnership, in which employees are helped to deliver their work in a supportive environment. Often stocked within vending machines and used as incentives or rewards, the items have become a staple within the daily lives of the teams, helping them to continue to deliver world-leading technology and social media experiences for the billions of users around the world.