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Sustainable Branded Merchandise

In a recent survey, a whopping 41% of UK consumers said it is very important for products to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

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The trend is clear, as well as doing your part for the welfare of the planet, consumers are actively looking for eco-friendly and sustainable choices, and are becoming more attuned with businesses who provide them the opportunities to make ethically responsible decisions.

Let’s explore the benefits of eco-friendly products and why you should make them a part of your next marketing effort.


Long lasting brand awarenesseco friendly drinks bottle made from prevented ocean plastic

When choosing to invest in promotional products, you are aiming to put your brand in front of your potential customers for as long as possible. The longer your products are used, the greater the exposure to your brand!


Our range of eco-friendly and recycled products are built to last, using robust materials and modern manufacturing techniques – so they last for a long time.

When making eco-conscious decisions, your consumers commit to a more sustainable lifestyle that creates positive, long-term relationships with products too.

Our new H2O Active® Eco Tempo bottle range is manufactured using from plastic collected within 50km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds into the ocean. Keeping beaches clean and wildlife safe around our coastlines.

The Eco Tempo bottle has a 700 ml capacity, is available with a choice of four lid styles and is now available with full colour digital print.


Positive Brand Reputation

As more businesses strive to become more socially aware, CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) becomes an ever-more important aspect of your business’s reputation, both to consumers and to the wider marketplace.

More companies want to associate themselves with other businesses who align with their own CSR and are both environmentally friendly and ethically responsible.

A great way to show your customers that you care about the environment is by choosing eco-friendly and recycled branded merchandise to promote your business.

Promote your next event with an Eco-banner.

Fully recyclable with cardboard cassette, poles, and banner housing, this 100% eco-friendly banner solution is the ideal conversation starter for any brand looking to promote their support of the environment.

Available in multiple sizes and customisable printing in vivid, eye-catching colours, this banner will help attract customers to pull up to your display.

Display (Exhibitions & Events) | Graphic Arts Group


Exciting and innovative materials

Whether it is products crafted from naturally sustainable materials such as Bamboo, recycled from ocean plastic, or made using plant-based materials such as corn starch or sugar cane that are 100% biodegradable, your decision to be more eco-conscious doesn’t mean you can’t have the best quality promotional products.


Bamboo – not just for Pandas!

Sustainable, stylish and fast growing. Bamboo has easily transferred into the branded merchandise arena.

From beautiful awards to branded tech gadgets, bamboo is versatile and instantly recognisable as an eco-friendly choice.

Bamboo Wireless Charging Pad

A more sustainable choice.

This Bamboo and fabric wireless charging pad is made of real bamboo and eco cotton fabric. It allows for smartphone charging without cables. Supports wireless charging up to 1A for devices that have wireless charging functionality.

Leaf bamboo and fabric wireless charging pad

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Recycled Products

Modern manufacturing techniques have helped recycled products become increasingly complex, higher quality and more economical to use than ever before.  From pens, notebooks, shopping bags, coffee cups, and much, much more, your options to choose recycled are virtually limitless.

Eco Friendly Notebook with Handy Front Cover Pocket

For eco-conscious brands and customers, taking notes, making plans and keeping your phone handy has never been easier!

Our environmentally friendly A5 size reference notebook with grey cover is made with:

  • Post-consumer plastics (70%)
  • Cardboard made of reconstituted paper (100% recycled)
  • Front pocket made of 100% pre-consumer leather leftover pieces

The pocket can hold a smartphone ballpoint pen and other small items. The notebook features 80 sheets 80 gsm lined cream paper and is packed in a black gift box.


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Bio-friendly materials

Using plant-based materials such as corn starch or sugar cane, this range of products are often be referred to rereferred to as bioplastics. They are 100% biodegradable and are made using sustainable, recycled or partially recycled waste materials.

Eco Friendly ‘Espresso’ Coffee Pen

Nobody likes to see good coffee go to waste, that’s why this retractable eco-friendly ballpoint pen is made with 30% reclaimed waste coffee grounds. The unique pinecone texture of the barrel really makes it stand out, whilst its origins are a great conversation starter for the modern, eco-conscious employee.

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In summary

Eco-friendly and recycled promotional items come with a huge range of benefits for a business, consumers, and the planet.

Playing a crucial role in reinforcing the brand image of a business, it is no wonder why more and more businesses are opting for economical, environmentally friendly promotional products.

Find out more, or shop the FULL range of eco-friendly and recycled products HERE or contact one of our experts for a chat today- [email protected]