Promotional Merchandise

Increase brand awareness and differentiate your company

Increasing your brand awareness is more than just putting a sign with your company’s name on it. Your brand is literally the face of your company, what consumers (who are hopefully eventually customers) see and feel with every one of your products.

As wonderful and innovative as your product might be, it is simply not possible to be “the best” at everything. And when a company says that they are, a savvy consumer often begins to question the legitimacy of the rest of the line-up. The goal is to pick a feature or product and place your focus on that and that way, you differentiate yourself from your competition and from your wide range of offerings.

Here are ten ways to differentiate your company and increase your brand awareness.

Consumers Love Convenience

Time really is money. Consumers want what they want…right now.  A business can be a part of this efficient method of delivery by being able to deliver products and service quickly and effortlessly. This delivery starts with a well-built and designed website that makes it easy for prospects to learn more without frustration.

Stay Focused!

Are you the best in quality, pricing, innovation, colours, size, smell, taste, etc…? Even if you are, no one is going to believe you. Pick one product and one feature and go with it all the way to top of the consumer picks’ list.



People like trying before they buy. Invest in graphics that are advertising a free product with purchase or a free consultation on your website. Entice people to come in and THEN convince them to buy more. Even free promotional items can be effective too, such as items that simply remind customers of your brand name. This can also mean that people can walk around with your brand and provide you with free advertising.


Show Your Trustworthiness

Your brand awareness is only sustainable if you can prove to consumers it is long-lasting. Consumers want to deal with credible sources. Utilise infographics, signage, advertising venues, and more to present case studies, reviews of your company and even your connections to other companies.


Change the Price

Nothing brings more attention to your brand than going against the price status quo. It will make consumers take a second look. And if you follow this strategy up with a unique promotion, you’ve made yourself stand out.


Use the Clout of another Business

As mentioned in number five, exploit a business connection. A competitor is unlikely to want to join; but companies that go after a similar kind of customer can be helpful in extending your business reach.


Know Your Niche

Customers may just be faces in the crowd. But there is no reason that the customers need to be made to feel that way. Fine-tuning your marketing is a crucial step in increasing your brand awareness. This fine-tuning looks like: creating different promotional offerings for different industries.


Social Media to the Rescue

Using social media platforms to increase brand awareness gets your message to a wider audience. But remember that designing these web pages needs to have forethought too. Each social media platform has a different method and different approach, which means visual imagery is critical to keeping customers interested. These sites are free to use, so employ an expert to guide your design.


Sponsor an Event

You don’t need to be actually selling your product to tell people about your product. Sponsor an event and get your brand name, design, etc. out there to an audience you may not have even previously considered.


PR Yourself

The most obvious way to increase brand awareness is to get out there and increase your brand awareness. When you can get the press to talk about you, especially if it is of editorial quality, consumers remember this. These newsworthy angles could include personal stories or specific product launches.

Building your brand awareness starts with differentiating your company and products. This process begins by using high-quality promotional products. Contact us to today to explore all your available options.