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Christmas Gifting: A Festive Guide by Graphic Arts



As the holiday season approaches, it’s time for businesses to embrace the festive spirit and the marketing potential it holds. Christmas gifting is not just about spreading cheer; it’s a powerful tool for strengthening staff and customer relationships and sets the stage for successful business in 2024.

At Graphic Arts, we believe that the right promotional merchandise can be the key to achieving all of this and more.

When it comes to choosing the right merchandise for your gifts, there is a unique opportunity to represent your specific values in a tangible way for your clients and employees.

Our vast range of branded merchandise options means that you can make selections that are intentionally tailored to your services or the message you want to communicate. This presents a perfect opportunity to strengthen trust and connections for the coming year.

Take the time to explore some of our favourite categories that we think you should consider for branded Christmas gifting to help you stand out during this season of giving.



Branded Gift Tubes

Our gift tubes of biscuits or sweets are perfect for customer engagement. A delicious treat is always a crowd pleaser, and branded with your company’s logo or messaging, our gift tubes present a great opportunity to strengthen connections.

With over 20 fillings to choose from, and no limits on your design, our tubes can be your Christmas gifting, your way!



Sweet Treats

Christmas is synonymous with indulgence, making food and drink gifts a timeless choice for company gifting.

Whether it’s gourmet chocolates, festive favourites, or delicious biscuits, these gifts are sure to delight and create a memorable experience for your recipients.

Paired with a seasonal tipple, your branding will be featured in those classic warm festive moments we look forward to all year round.


Sustainable Merchandise

In today’s world, sustainability matters more than ever, with surveys finding that 41% of UK consumers prioritise eco-friendly and sustainable products.

By choosing sustainable and eco-friendly merchandise for your gifting, you not only demonstrate your commitment to the environment but also align your brand with a cause that resonates with your audience.

Our vast range of eco-merchandise provides all the same impact without compromising on sustainable values. If you’re looking to wrap up the year by building trust, sustainable gifting can be a smart consideration.


Tech Merchandise

Looking for company gifts that will wow the receiver? Impress your clients and partners with cutting-edge tech merchandise that showcases your company as a forward-thinking industry leader.

Tech gifts are not only practical but also create a lasting impression, positioning your brand at the forefront of innovation.

Tech gifts such as wireless or portable chargers, earphones, memory sticks, speakers and more will quickly become everyday items for the receiver and help them to connect your brand with reliability and innovation.



You can give your gifting a stylish twist with branded clothing or bags.

These items are not only fashionable but also functional, ensuring that your brand remains in the spotlight as they are used day after day.

When opting for apparel or accessories you can tailor the product to your brand, making a selection that you know your specific customers will enjoy.


Mugs and Drinkware

As the temperatures drop, there’s nothing like a warm drink to provide comfort.

Branded mugs and drinkware become cherished companions during the colder months. With each sip, your customers connect with your brand on a personal level, creating a positive and lasting impression.

From classic mugs to insulated bottles there are plenty of options to ensure your logo or messaging stands out effectively.



Writing the story of your brand becomes easy with branded stationery items.

These classic and practical gifts can be enjoyed throughout the year, keeping your brand at the forefront of your recipients’ minds.

If you’re looking for merchandise that represents professionalism and organisation, branded stationery could be a great option for you.

Let this holiday season be an opportunity to showcase your brand and build meaningful connections with your customers.

Incorporating branded merchandise into your company’s gifting strategy can have a profound impact on your marketing efforts. It not only strengthens existing relationships but also helps build new connections, showing that your company cares about its clients and partners.

At Graphic Arts, we’re experts at helping brands find the perfect merchandise to tell their unique story. With our extensive range of high-quality products and personalised solutions, we can help you create memorable and impactful gifts that will leave a lasting impression.

Let this holiday season be an opportunity to strengthen and energise your brand. Contact us today, and let’s make this festive season one to remember.