The Brief

Stansons is a UK based leading company in the workspace design industry with an aim to be “the ‘go to’ company for blinds and curtains in the design and fit-out industry”.
Formed in 1976, the company provides innovative and sustainable solutions to create modern, functional spaces for their clients. They work with businesses across a range of sectors, including healthcare, education, and hospitality, to design and build inspiring work environments that promote productivity and wellbeing, all with a focus on detail and delivery.
Stansons is known for their commitment to sustainability, and they strive to incorporate eco-friendly practices into all aspects of their business. This includes using sustainable materials in their designs, reducing waste and carbon emissions, and promoting environmentally responsible practices to their clients.

The Project

Tasked with creating a suite of eco-friendly promotional merchandise that stand out from competitors at the recent Workspace Design Show and efficiently communicate the Stanson brand USPs, Graphic Arts Group was given the brief to provide a range of sustainable branded products to give away that would align with their values and effectively promote their brand alongside their eye-catching sustainability inspired exhibition stand.

As well as attracting visitors to the Stansons' stand to promote their products and services while aligning with their values of sustainability and quality, the solutions needed to be portable and useful so they could act as advocates for the brand away from the show.

Long-lasting Brand Awareness

Trade show merchandise, such as the ones requested by Stansons should remind users of your brand identity, long after the show is finished. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your brand strengths and unique messaging. Every item should be clearly distinguishable with your company logo to ensure that it can be immediately linked to your brand, an excellent means of gaining ongoing exposure with no effort required.

Commitment To Sustainability

To create a standout solution for Stansons, Graphic Arts Group drew on their creativity, expertise in sustainable promotional merchandise, and worked alongside the client to develop an acute understanding of their brand values and the marketing message required.

The team understood that Stansons' commitment to sustainability was a key aspect of their brand identity and proposed a range of products that efficiently reflected this. By collaborating closely with Stansons, Graphic Arts Group was able to create a suite of promotional merchandise that aligned with the client's values and objectives.

Recycled Materials

The wooden pencils were an inspired choice for Stansons, as they not only offered a practical use for visitors but also helped to promote the company's sustainability values. The recycled materials used in the pencils made them an eco-friendly option, while the range of colours available for the pencils ensured that they would be an eye-catching addition to the Stansons stand, while the customisation with the company's logo made them a perfect branding opportunity.

With the inclusion of wooden yo-yos, Graphic Arts Group were able to create an innovative and fun addition to the range of merchandise. Made from sustainably sourced wood, they provided a unique and memorable experience for visitors to the stand that would be long-lasting in the memories of visitors as truly distinctive and unique. The expertly printed customisation with a vivid Stansons' logo ensured that they would leave a lasting impression on visitors far beyond the show.

Functional & Reusable

The further addition of natural cotton tote bags was another inspired choice for Stansons, drawing on functionality and usefulness to make them a much sought after item at the show, attracting many potential new customers throughout the event. Made from 100% cotton, they were an environmentally friendly option that provided a practical and reusable alternative to carry round multiple promotional materials from other exhibitors at the show. The customisation with Stansons' logo added to their branding potential, while their usefulness and high-quality finish ensured that visitors would appreciate them, not only in the short term, but for the foreseeable future.

The Result

The innovative suite of sustainable promotional merchandise designed and produced by Graphic Arts Group was a huge success. The wooden pencils, wooden yo-yos, and natural cotton tote bags were well received by visitors and effectively promoted Stansons' message of sustainable design, while their high-quality finishes would result in the items being used long after the show ended.

Stansons received positive feedback on the eco-friendly products, which helped to reinforce their commitment to sustainability. Overall, the promotional merchandise was a valuable investment that not only helped to attract visitors to Stansons' stand and communicate their unique products and services, but also served as a long-term brand awareness tool that would lead to many more enquiries as the items remain in possession of potential customers for months to come.