The Brief

Coventry Building Society Arena is a multi-purpose event venue located in the Midlands. It hosts a wide range of events, including concerts, sports games, conferences, and exhibitions, attracting more than 1.3 million visitors a year.
With an enviable reputation as the leading international venue for a variety of events, the venue is uniquely committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility, striving to reduce its environmental impact through various initiatives and programmes.

With impressive recent successes, including reducing carbon footprint by 23%, reducing gas consumption by 38,805 M3 and reducing water consumption by 11.9%, the arena is at the forefront of promoting ethical and responsible business practices in the UK.

The Project

In line with their corporate responsibility pledge, Coventry Building Society Arena is passionate about promoting sustainability and eco-friendliness through all aspects of its operations, including its merchandise. The venue understands the importance of leaving a positive impression on visitors and promoting its values and commitment to sustainability. Therefore, it approached Graphic Arts Group to create a suite of useful and sustainable branded merchandise for new starters and visitors to the venue that would not only act as promotional material, but also help with the customer and staff journey throughout the site.

Branded merchandise can be a unique opportunity to promote your business to visitors, but also deliver a unique and warm welcome to your new employees.

The Solution

Through our collaboration with key members of the team at Coventry Building Society Arena, we gained a deeper understanding of their values and objectives, to develop a creative and inspiring range of products that provide brand awareness and promote sustainability.

We worked closely with the venue to ensure that the products we designed were not only sustainable but also stylish and practical, showcasing the venue's commitment to sustainability and providing visitors with practical and useful items that would aid them in their day-to-day tasks but also remind them of their visit long after it was over.


As an essential element of the experience of visiting the Coventry Building Society Arena, lanyards were an obvious starting point for branded items. Made from recycled RPET for a sustainable and stylish solution for holding visitor passes and identification cards, the lanyards featured a soft and smooth texture, and the vibrant colours made them instantly recognisable by staff and visitors alike. The lanyards were a perfect fit for the venue's sustainability ideals, ensuring visitors could wear their pass with pride, and promote the company's brand and values.
Fully branded A5 recycled notepads were a perfect solution for the bustling environment that fills the arena on most days, allowing visitors and staff to easily jot down important notes during conferences and meetings. The recycled materials added a rustic and earthy touch, while the compact size made them easy to carry around.

Sustainable Materials

Sports bottles were a practical and eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles. They feature a sturdy and ergonomic design, ensuring visitors could enjoy a refreshing drink during their visit to the venue. The sustainable materials added a sleek and modern touch, and the customisation with the venue's logo ensured that visitors would take a piece of the venue with them wherever they went.
The natural tote and drawstring bags were a stylish and practical solution for carrying belongings during a visit to the venue. Both bags featured a durable and spacious design, ensuring visitors could carry souvenirs, clothing, and other essentials with ease. The natural materials added a rustic and earthy touch that provides a long-lasting solution to single-use plastic that proves useful in any environment, leading to long-term recognition and brand awareness for the venue.

The Result

Our collaboration with Coventry Building Society Arena resulted in a broad range of eco-friendly merchandise that embodied the venue's commitment to sustainability and provided a positive impact on visitors and staff alike. By choosing to showcase their values through practical and stylish products, the venue was able to leave a lasting impression on visitors and reinforce their reputation as a forward-thinking and environmentally responsible organisation.

The eco-merchandise solution for Coventry Building Society Arena was a creative and inspiring way to promote sustainability and provide useful, practical branded merchandise for visitors and staff. It was an honour to work with such a forward-thinking client, and we are proud to have helped them in promoting their brand and communicating their noble message of sustainability to a wider audience.