Our Collaboration

Millboard, a renowned family-run business, stands as a model of British craftsmanship and visual distinction.

Specialising in crafting the world's finest hand-moulded composite decking and cladding solutions, Millboard is committed to sustainable practices, evident in its dedication to preserving the beauty of the natural world for generations to come

The Project

Millboard approached Graphic Arts Group with a specific brief for their annual team event: to create a package of promotional merchandise items to align with their values of sustainability and quality.

The products needed to be portable, useful, and act as advocates for the brand, reflecting Millboard's commitment to the environment. The aim was to provide staff with useful merchandise that would reinforce the Millboard plans for 2024 and help staff to feel more supportive and enthusiastic about the year ahead.

The Millboard Kick-Off 2024 event needed some tangible representation of the brand to achieve this.

Photo Credit: Millboard

The Products

We crafted a range of promotional merchandise items designed to further reinforce the heart of Millboard's values. Together, these items were the perfect package to help staff to feel a refreshed sense of the Millboard values and overall brand position.

Savanna Stainless Steel Lunchbox with Bamboo Lid

This lunchbox is constructed from high-quality stainless steel, finished with a natural bamboo lid. Accompanied by reusable bamboo cutlery, it provides an eco-friendly solution for those on the move, aligning seamlessly with Millboard's dedication to environmental consciousness.

Adventure Recycled Insulated Drawstring Bag

This foldable bag is crafted from recycled PET polyester, it offers practicality with a cinch closure main compartment and zippered insulated pocket at the bottom. A sustainable alternative to conventional drawstring bags.

Carve Charger

The Carve Charger is a unique charging cable designed, manufactured, branded, and assembled in the UK. Made from FSC certified bamboo with eco-friendly wheat straw cables, this customisable charger reflects the authenticity and craftsmanship associated with both Graphic Arts Group and Millboard.


The collaboration resulted in a range of sustainable branded products that not only aligned with Millboard's values but also served as effective promotional tools.

The merchandise items reflected the authenticity of Millboard's craftsmanship and commitment to sustainability, resonating positively with their audience.

The promotional merchandise became a tangible representation of Millboard's dedication to Live. Life. Outside. and the joy of preserving the natural world for future generations.

Photo Credit: Millboard