Our Collaboration

In the landscape of promotional merchandise, the power of design can develop narratives, represent identities, and create connections.

At Graphic Arts Group, our collaboration with the University of Warwick has allowed us to deliver a range of promotional merchandise that makes each of the University’s departments stand out in a unique way.

Embracing Creativity

We pride ourselves in providing tailored creations for each of the diverse departments at the University.

Each item is a visual reminder of the unique identities across the organisation; from departmental badges to specially designed clothing and bags, the wide use of branding becomes a representation of the overall organisation.

Custom designs

Custom-designed water bottles give the opportunity to promote sustainability, branded hot water bottles offer comfort during colder months, and travel mugs become regular study companions for the students, all whilst representing Warwick’s institutional identity.


It isn’t just about producing merchandise; it is about helping the University communicate with its community. From stress toys shaped like graduation caps to pop-up podiums for the marketing and events teams, each creation is aimed to engage, connect, and inspire

Detail Orientated

We make it our priority to ensure that each small detail represents the message that the University wants to communicate.

We bring the University’s vision to life through collaboration, creating merchandise that helps to build and strengthen connections for their academic, research and industrial partnerships.

Creative Partners

Stay tuned for more expert merchandise, and more connections as we begin the next chapter of our creative partnership with The University of Warwick.
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