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Supporting the Motorsport Industry with Fire Safety Labelling


The Brief: Established in 1994, Lifeline is a leading manufacturer of fire safety equipment and fire safety systems to the Motorsport industry. A prior winner of the MIA Small Business of the Year award, Lifeline is committed to developing and supplying innovative and cutting-edge safety products used by the majority of world and national championship-winning driver and constructors across the world.

Lifeline originally approached Graphic Arts Group when they required a collection of robust, practical, and high-quality labels for their product ranges.

The Solution: Following a successful partnership forged over 30 years, Graphic Arts Group have built a successful working relationship built on trust and quality, supplying Lifeline with a mixture of label types for their ever-developing range of safety products.

Supplying bespoke label solutions that can be effectively adhered to any surface, the ranges of labels supplied to Lifeline during our relationship have been highly varied and we have always been happy to take up the challenge to ensure their new products, giving them a steer on solutions and design ideas for their requirements.

Examples of the type of label supplied to Lifeline include:

– Bespoke shapes and sizes
– Serial numbers
– High Temperature resistant
– Heavy-Duty Self-Adhesive tape for roll cage padding
– Labels capable of withstanding extreme environments
– Epoxy resin dome labels
– Tamper Evident labels
– Aluminium Plates
– Labels in different languages

When speed is of the essence and require individual and detailed designs often governed by FIA legislation, Graphic Arts Group have been relied upon to deliver results quickly and effectively.

How important are fire extinguisher labels?

We all depend daily on health and safety stickers around our working and leisure environments to provide instructions and warnings that keep us safe. Fire extinguisher labels are an important example of one such label that has the capacity to save lives.

The testing and maintenance of fire extinguishers is deemed essential, and employers are required by law to ensure they work if they are ever needed. Regular tests, recommended monthly and serviced annually as a minimum, the extinguisher must then be labelled appropriately to declare it is safe and fit for purpose.

Fire extinguisher labels must be attached to the extinguisher and should contain information such as, when it was tested, by whom, and the next test due date. Failure to comply with these regulations is in breach of fire safety regulations and could lead to prosecution under the Health and Safety at Work Act.

When it comes to adhering to fire and safety regulations around testing, it is not acceptable for records of testing to be lost, damaged or illegible. For this reason, labels used for recording fire extinguisher testing need to be robust, long-lasting and retain information clearly for long period of time.

Discover more about fire extinguisher labels, as well as how other label types can be beneficial to your business.

The Result: The quality and structure of the products that we supply to Lifeline have resulted in a highly successful long-term partnership where Lifeline are assured that no matter the requirement, Graphic Arts Group are able to promptly supply the highest quality label within their often-tight deadlines.







Regularly praising our ability to communicate designs, recommendations, and updates we are extremely proud to be a key partner helping to keep Lifeline in pole position when it comes to fire safety products.