The Project

Geodis is a leading global transport and logistics company, renowned for its excellence in providing innovative and efficient supply chain solutions. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement, Geodis was looking to enhance its brand identity across various touchpoints. For this project, they asked Graphic Arts Group to help elevate the presence of their brand both internally and externally. As a trusted provider of graphic solutions, we gladly took on the challenge of creating visually striking and durable graphic elements for Geodis.


The Brief

Recognising the critical role of branding, both within the company and in the eyes of their customers, Geodis wanted to raise the bar for their brand, by implementing visually appealing and durable graphic solutions across their facilities. This comprehensive rebranding effort aimed to foster a sense of unity, motivation, and pride among employees while leaving a lasting impression on visitors and clients.


The Solution

Graphic Arts Group collaborated closely with Geodis to develop and implement a range of creative graphic solutions, tailored to their specific needs.

We installed robust exterior building signage that could withstand the unpredictable British weather. These signs were not only visually striking but also served as a prominent representation of Geodis’ brand identity to passersby.

To make a memorable first impression upon entrance, custom reception entrance mats were added featuring the Geodis logo and brand colours. These mats enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the reception area whilst also serving as a visual reinforcement of the essence of the company.

As a centrepiece for the corporate space, Graphic Arts Group created a bespoke cut acrylic multi-layer standoff logo. This installation exemplified the company’s brand values and acted as a focal point, leaving a lasting impression on employees and visitors alike.

To ensure seamless navigation within the premises, we created post-mounted signage. These signs were strategically placed throughout the facilities, providing clear wayfinding instructions, and making for a smooth journey throughout. Continuing to facilitate efficient navigation for employees, Graphic Arts Group also implemented large vinyl lettering within Geodis’ expansive warehouse spaces.

Recognising the significance of creating inspiring spaces for employees, Graphic Arts Group developed captivating wall graphics for the breakout areas. These graphics incorporated Geodis branding elements with creative designs, resulting in a vibrant and motivational atmosphere. We also delivered a branded championship table football table. This bespoke addition served as a gathering point for the Geodis team, promoting a positive work environment and encouraging team camaraderie.


The Result

The collaboration between Graphic Arts Group and Geodis resulted in impressive and long-lasting improvements for the Geodis brand identity.

The implemented graphic solutions successfully transformed the Geodis facilities into visually appealing spaces that embodied the company’s values. Internally an inspiring and motivational space was created for employees, allowing for a stronger sense of pride in the company.

Externally, Geodis left a lasting impression on visitors and clients through the visually striking branding elements that showcased their commitment to excellence.

Overall, Graphic Arts Group’s comprehensive graphic solutions enhanced Geodis’ branding, leaving a lasting positive impact on the company and its clients.

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