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POS – Point of Sale, but what exactly is it?

What is POS?

If you Google it, you will return an epos system, the till, the point at which a sale is made. So why is a print company talking about tills?

Good question! Epos systems are not our thing, printed POS and branding are and that’s also POS!

How can POS help you?

FSU, FSDU, Dump Bin, Shelf Barker, Shelf Wobbler, MFU, there are so many acronyms associated with POS we could go on all day!

This POS is the favorite of retailers.


If you have ever braved the high street at Christmas, Point of Sale would have been EVERYWHERE! Directing shoppers to new products, and creating an energetic atmosphere in the store. All geared to encouraging customers to buy.

An aisle end is a POS hot spot

Brands also take POS seriously.

The Mirror recently highlighted the tricks supermarkets use to encourage shoppers to buy. Often led by psychology, buyer behavior has been the focus of many an academic.

You don’t have to be a multimillion-pound grocer to transform your store. We have some top tips to consider to get you started:


Top Tips when considering your POS



You need to provide adequate space for shoppers to navigate your store. A huge POS project may seem exciting on paper, if it creates a bottleneck, or even worse, causes customers to bump into it, you’ve gone too big! On the flip side, if it’s too subtle, it won’t be seen.


What product or products are you wanting to hero? Your point of sale needs to be robust enough to hold the weight and size of the product. You may want to consider cross-selling and hero complementary products that customers are likely to buy, together.

Adding low-priced accessories can also help increase the basket spend of your shoppers.

A combination of POS elements create an impactful aisle area


The material must be fit for purpose when all these other tips are considered. Your budget will also play a role in the materials available to you. Material, used well, will amplify your POS project.

Position & Environment

Will your point of sale be indoors or outdoors? If on the floor, will it need to stand up to having a mop around it?

Will it be hanging from the ceiling? Make sure it’s high enough that people aren’t hitting their heads on it!

Are you looking at shelf strips or barkers? Will they get in the way of a customer picking up a product or be easily knocked off as the shelf is shopped? Taking the practical element in to consideration will save you costly mistakes


Key areas in your store that give you maximum selling opportunity. This might be near an entrance, a key feature or around the till. Utilise it!


This is a favorite!

Have you heard a customer say, “I didn’t want to spoil your display” it is both heart-warming and heart-breaking!

The display is to encourage sales. If you create something that does not consider customers shopping from it, then it’s expensive storage space.

Stock must be re-stocked to ensure customers still pick up a pack of Pepsi


Keep it simple and to the point so that customers walking past can quickly read your message

Eye-level is buy level

This is obvious on shelf, but on a mid-floor unit, it might be missed.

Customers will not bend down to the floor and are unlikely to stretch to reach a product. Consider this when placing your point of sale around your product. It is prime selling space.

Sample Sign Off

In all instances, a sample of your POS is key to ensuring it is the right fit for your brand. Being able to mock-up your POS helps bring it to life and not just visualise what it might look like.

Double and triple check measurements, it will save you time and money!


If you want to talk through any POS projects you have,  get in touch with the team today. We have 40 years of experience to draw upon to help you deliver a fantastic project.

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