Sign & Display

Internal Branding – Why It matters

There is nowhere to hide!

Once upon a time, long before the internet, social media and the high expectations of millennials, companies were able to hide! With no pressure to promote their own personality, all focus was on product.  A good company was somewhere you had a job for life.

Fast forward a decade or two and there are higher demands on companies to promote their corporate culture and not just internally. Social media has meant staff share their surroundings and talent is attracted not only by salary, but the culture and environment provided by the company.

Culture fit is as important as skill set

Cool brands embrace this pressure and thrive on offering bean bag chill out areas, games rooms and creative work spaces more akin to Alice in Wonderland or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

These magical and theatrical work spaces induce creativity and in turn, productivity. The Workplace Wellness Trend Report published by Fellows ( found that 87% of workers wanted their current employer to offer healthier workspace benefits. More importantly the study found that a staggering 93% of workers would stay longer in a company offering a healthier workspace

You don’t need to blow your budget

Not every company has the budget or office space to create break out pods in trees and slides alongside stairs however with the right signage and display solutions you can create an oasis of calm, buzzing creative areas and inspirational zones that improve your team’s productivity and wellbeing

A simple wall wrap vinyl communicating positive messages and a few comfy chairs can create a breakout area with little cost. Walls in high footfall areas, even stair wells can also revamp underutilised space whilst reinforcing your corporate messaging