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How to use branding to attract students to your university

Choosing where to study, and to which university they should go, is one of the most important decisions a student will make on their educational journey. There are many things for them to consider and much like any consumer, your marketing message and attention to detail can be a point that influences their decision one way or the other.

When choosing a university to attend, course type and subject are only one of the major considerations that a prospective student will use to determine their next step in higher education. A quick google search of “which university should I go to?” brings up a plethora of websites dedicated to helping students make the right decisions and helpful tips on ensuring they make the best choice for their future.

Here are some of the key branding considerations to attract prospective university students.


Communal environments that foster learning

Much as within the corporate world, personal expectations when it comes to the standard of environment in which people choose to spend their time is continually growing. Students are becoming more aware that engaging and innovative learning environments are important to them achieving their potential.

Lecture theatres, classrooms and common areas are key communal spaces that will help enhance course experience and learning. These areas need to portray your dedication and commitment to the students in your care.

With a vision to be Europe’s leading university-based business school, WBS was committed to ensuring its environment complemented its aspirations.

We helped to create unique and innovative learning spaces that engage and inspire over 30,000 students per year!

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Your city is your USP

With a majority of students choosing to remain in the local area following completion of their studies, the city and surrounding areas have become an ever-more important aspect of the university decision making process.

With prospective students choosing a city that they may choose to live, and work in, for the foreseeable future, communicating the uniqueness and strengths on your city have become extremely important for anyone attending open days or touring university campuses.

Making yourself stand out and delivering an amazing first impression in an increasingly competitive marketplace can be a daunting task, but with expert guidance it is possible. Whether you are looking to advertise your bustling nightlife, dynamic arts scene or simply proximity to the beach, providing visually striking, thought provoking and prominent advertising around your spaces can ensure that prospective students are intrigued and engaged with your USP, directing them to choose you as their top university, and long-term city of choice.

To see how this technique can be effective, discover our University of Warwick case study:

When opening a new Faculty of Arts building, the university was keen to showcase the new building in a vivid and eye-catching way, that fully communicated the creativity, vibrancy, and innovation that the new campus would embody.

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Help students to explore the campus

With prospective students becoming ever more in tune with the gravity of their decisions, choosing to explore beyond the confines of their faculty and the student union is now widely promoted.

Exploring accommodation, student support services, shared amenities and sporting facilities is a top tip that most students will be told upon exploring their university options.

As a new visitor to your university, and often a new visitor to your city, it is important to understand how daunting and overwhelming your site can be. Getting lost ranks as one of the top fears that new students have about moving to a new city and can be a major factor in whether a prospective student engages positively with your campus and open days.

Ensuring adequate and highly visible signage is scattered liberally throughout your campus, and beyond, is a great way to ensure your prospective students feel safe and supported.

Discover the importance of directional signage and some of the exclusive options available with our Degree Apprenticeship Centre case study.

We delivered a complete directional signage solution ranging from totem signage and interior wayfinding, to bespoke printed wallpaper.


In summary, ensuring your prospective students encounter an experience that fully encompasses and communicates your aims and personality as a university has become an important part of their decision-making process.

Make the experience as smooth, engaging and on-brand as possible as see the difference in applications and feedback almost instantly.

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