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Top Tips for branded clothing and uniforms

Uniforms Unite People

Uniforms.  A tell-tale sign of the school you attend or job you do, a uniform gives a feeling of belonging and that you are part of something, usually something quite big!  For many, putting on their uniform also brings a sense of pride and achievement. That embroidered logo sat on their chest a mark of distinction.

Whilst there are emotive associations for the wearer of uniform, for a brand, it’s a mobile billboard and often overlooked as such an asset in your brand awareness arsenal.  Brands that get their branded clothing right, create super fans.  These fans are willing to pay for replica clothing which we see in sport in particular.

Branded clothing isn’t always needed long term. It might be a weekend event or short-term project that you want to provide a uniform for. Have a look at some of our top tips when selecting the best options for your uniform or branded clothing:

#1 It has to be practical

No matter how “nice” a uniform looks, the practical needs outstrip the pretty! The best uniform actually helps someone do their job, that might be because of the material, think fireproof or suitable for those working in a freezer, or has strategic pockets for tools so you can do your job whilst up a ladder.  It might even have wicking properties to keep you cool if you sweat.

Understanding what your people do, prior to designing a uniform for them has to be number 1!

#2 Buy cheap, buy twice

We know that rolling out uniform,  or buying a range of branded clothing is expensive. Having to work to a budget will impact the quality of garments you buy so careful consideration is needed to ensure you prioritise and don’t end up with staff refusing to wear it, or worse still, wearing poor quality uniform which makes them look scruffy.

#3 Consider your fit

Chances are you have to cater for all shapes and sizes. Whilst you can’t please everyone all of the time, considering how your uniform fits is going to save you in the long term.

#4 Consider your design & colour

You have more space than you think and depending on what you are needing the uniform for, ensuring key areas carry your brand will make the difference of being noticed and remembered or not.  Adding embroidered logo’s to sleeves, having contrasting stitching or piping and even utilising collars, can really impact your overall result. This is also an opportunity to add messaging to your clothing. This might be as simple as “Here to Help” or a snappy tag line from your marketing campaign.

#5 Use real life testers

Ideally you would have some members of staff of all shapes and sizes willing to try out your ideas. They will help you determine if the material is right, thick enough, tough enough, easy to wash and iron, or if the design you want sits well on an actual body!

#6 Trust your printer

Embroidery works for most logo’s and is the preferred choice for long lasting branding. It can however cause some materials to pucker and if this is on a large area,  it can irritate the skin. There are various means to print on to clothing,  your printer will discuss this with you and should base their recommendations on your overall needs.

Our team have decades of experience working with brands on workwear uniform and branded event clothing. Call us today and we will guide you on the best solutions for your needs  024 7667 3415 or drop us a line on [email protected]