Promotional Merchandise

Top 10 Promo Items for your Exhibition Stand

Branded giveaways are part of the fun for trade-show visitors, especially when they’re high-quality, functional goods that attendees will actually use.

Trade show audiences can vary, so it’s essential to consider who you’re targeting when choosing your merchandise. What’s the theme of the show? Who will it attract? If it’s an eco-friendly show, for example, it’s definitely a good idea to focus on sustainable. Equally, younger/older audiences will have diverse tastes. Knowing your market is key to making a great first impression, and ensuring that you remain on someone’s mind.

Merchandise should remind users of your brand identity, long after the show is finished. It’s also a great opportunity to showcase your brand strengths. After all, that’s how leads are generated! Every item should be clearly distinguishable with your company logo to ensure that it can be immediately linked to your brand, an excellent means of gaining ongoing exposure with no effort required.

With that in mind, we’ve listed ten of our favourite merchandise choices:




Calendars are highly functional, and they’ll remain on someone’s desk in full view for a whole year! Calendarpods are ideal as they snugly sit at any desk, they also have a 50-sheet note pad, an additional sticky note pad, and 25 brightly coloured index tabs for pure functionality. For remote workers that tend to have less desk space, you can even opt for a Calendarpod-Mini! Both options are great for trade-shows as they’re small enough for you to transport, and light enough for visitors to carry.


Eco-friendly shopping bags

Oak Large Jute Shopper

Branded bags are virtually a staple at exhibitions, and you’d be hard pushed to find anyone leaving without one firmly in their grasp.

Guaranteed, it’ll be someone’s free bag that serves as transport, so make sure it’s yours! (As a great, long-lasting option, they’re also a much better option than paying for a bag each time you visit the supermarket!) Sustainable options are available in the form of the Oak Large Jute Shopper; a highly durable, large laminated shopper with cord handle. If you’re on a low budget, there’s always a more affordable option in the form of Taunton Budget Jute Bag.



uni-ball Air rollerball

Pens might be a staple giveaway, but it can be a struggle to stand out when everyone’s had the same idea! Ensure that you entice customers with a giveaway such as the Air Rollerball. Unlike standard pens, the Rollerball glides across the page for a smooth writing experience, and writes like a fountain pen but with super quick dry and no leaking.

For an even quirkier option, how about a pencil that can be planted to grow poppies after use? If that’s caught your attention, take a look at the Poppy Seed Pencil. Perfect for eco-friendly campaigns and events; after use it can be planted to grow poppies that are encased within the biodegradable tip.


Stress Relief Balls

Heart stress reliever

Did you know that squeezing a stress ball releases energy and induces relaxation? Aside from the obvious aesthetic quirks, stress relief gifts have immeasurable benefits and they’re a great means of broadcasting your brand throughout the day. Designed to remain firmly in the user’s hand as they squeeze the stress away, they have a tendency to serve as a great conversation opener (“what’s that in your hand?”). Whether you’re in construction, transport, property, or any number of global industries, there’s a choice for everyone. With your logo firmly printed for all to see, you’ve just gained yourself some brand awareness. They’re also super lightweight and petite which makes for a perfect exhibition giveaway.


Mobile phone card pockets

Bordeaux Mobile Phone Pocket

For the ultimate marketing strategy, think of something that is permanently glued to the side of its user. It has to be a mobile phone! Choose a mobile phone card pocket that fits snugly to the back. Available in up to two printed colours, they’re a handy way of ensuring that all the necessary cards are close to hand without the need for clumpy bags or wallets. Oh, and they’re constantly on view!


Compact wireless buds

Compact Wireless Buds

While we’re on the topic of tech, it seems fitting to highlight another uber modern and highly functional item. Compact wireless buds are a necessity for remote workers that need to remain connected to in-house teams. As the title suggests, they’re perfectly compact and desk-friendly; they even have their own white charging case to keep them safe when not in use. Emblazon with your logo and you’ve gained even more daily presence, directly in the eyeline of the user.


Mugs and Drinkware

Little Latte Photo Mug

Promotional mugs and drinkware have been a staple of marketing plans for quite some time. More often than not, everyone has at least one of them at home or in the office and they’re likely to be one of the most utilised branded items you own. A fantastic addition to any event, no matter how big or small, branded drinkware remains a firm favourite, whether a well-respected ceramic coffee mug, sports water bottle, travel cup or something a little more extravagant, our extensive collection of branded mugs and drinkware has something perfect to create an impact for your next event.


Car air freshener

Air Freshener

When it comes to marketing, what you really want to do is wave your brand in someone’s face until they’re hooked. Well, you can literally do that with a car air freshener! Let’s face it, everyone needs a new car air freshener now and again, so products that provide a pleasant aroma are likely to go down well. The fact that your design or logo can be printed in full on both sides is an added bonus!


Trolley keychain

Full Colour Trolley Coin Keychain

It’s the bane of our lives; heading for the supermarket and realising that we have no pound coins! Some of us seem to be prepared, but most of us aren’t! Coin keychains are a brilliant promo gift, they’re one of those items that spark admissions of “I really need one of these!” Make a full colour, trolley coin keychain your sensible giveaway; we can bet you a pound that eyes will light up.


Sweet jar

Mini Candy jar

Another staple, another winner! It’s virtually against exhibition law to not provide an edible of one variety or another. Branded lollies and rock tend to be trade show favourites, but you can attract a few more followers with something a bit different. Mini candy jars can be filled with a choice of four sweets, and your brand or message printed on the lid. They’re a little longer lasting than their alternatives, and more likely to sit at a desk than be demolished in one sitting (then again…!) If you’re looking to fulfil a sustainability pledge, then there’s even an eco-mini sweetie pot; branded with a full colour paper sticker for optimum brand awareness.


We hope you like our suggestions! If you’re off to a trade show and in need of a few giveaway items, drop us a line on 024 7667 3415.