Promotional Merchandise

The best promotional ideas for your exhibitions

Promotional merchandise can really help you to stand out from the crowd at exhibitions and make a great first impression, so it’s worth taking time to carefully consider what you’ll order for each exhibition and trade show. When thinking about the best promotional ideas for your business, it may be useful to think answer these 6 questions:


Who is your target audience?

Who will you be targeting at the exhibition, what is their age profile, what products are likely to grab their attention? Which products would they consider to be useful and memorable?


What are your objectives?

Are you looking to get our brand out in front of everyone to build awareness, or are you hoping to get more qualified leads that are more likely to convert into business?


What would be cost effective?

How many prospective customers are likely to visit the stand, what’s the usual conversion rate from exhibitions? What is the average order value likely to be? How many products do you need to order?


What are the obvious choices and what’s worked for you before?

What do your competitors give away? Which promotional items have been popular at similar exhibitions? What do your prospective customers expect to get? Do you want to surprise them or give them traditional pens and pads that will be used on a daily basis?


Different items for different levels of interest?

Some people will just visit your stand for freebies, others will engage in a conversation about their specific needs and are more likely to convert into a customer. Some exhibitors choose to have different level of promotional gifts according to a prospective customer’s propensity to buy. How would your sales team differentiate between the different types of lead?


Which items would fit with your brand and company values?

What are your brand and company values? Does your choice of promotional items need to fit with your values such as innovation, fun or your green credentials?


Finding the right promotional gifts

Graphic Arts Group have a great deal of experience in this area and have worked with companies in a wide range of sectors. A wide range of promotional products are available to suit your budget, requirements and target audience. To discuss your requirements, please give our team of experts a call on 024 7667 3415 or email [email protected].