Promotional Merchandise

Promotional Merchandise is a Key Component of the Marketing Mix

With digital marketing campaigns, television ads and social media, it can be quite a challenge for any company to keep up with the best advertising trends that fit your brand. But in the marketing fray how many of us have overlooked, and undervalued promotional merchandise We see promotional merchandise everywhere, and we understand the subconscious impact these items have on purchase decisions. Merchandise can truly boost company brand awareness and should rightly be considered a key component of today’s marketing mix.

Increase your brand awareness by putting your brand in the hands of your prospects. A promotional gift delivers its full impact when the recipient finds it useful. With the largest marketing area being your customer’s desk, with pens, mugs, calendars and notebooks reported as the most useful promotional gifts. These products show your brand to be seen on a daily basis.

It’s been found that 7 in every 10 marketers now use promotional merchandise in their marketing awareness campaigns. So if you need an effective way of promoting your brand awareness, pay attention.

Moreover, the same consideration can instil confidence and trust. Customer relationships are incredibly important and such a touch point can prove to an existing client that you are attentive. You are much more likely to retain customers who feel valued, build trust and prove credible.

Promotional merchandise can be considered in all shapes, sizes and budgets. It’s not a new marketing avenue, nor is it complicated. Branding everyday products and sharing them with prospects and customers, keeps your brand front of mind and can be extremely powerful in the right environment.

96% of respondents believe that Promotional Products increase brand awareness, and a further 83% could name a brand or company featured on a promotional item they had received. Exhibitions and Corporate Events are a great example of promotional merchandise at work. Ensure new visitors take something valuable away from the day, with your brand smartly presented, and you might even be shared with friends and colleagues too.

Merchandise can be as effective as any sales material, brochures or business cards, and rather than being put in a drawer they are there to be used, and all whilst subconsciously marketing your brand too.

So, the next time you are wondering how to create a sustainable image of your brand, think about the power of promotional merchandising.