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Has the Grinch gotten hold of you?

There are 2 very distinctive camps for Christmas this year, the early starters and the wait and see-ers!

Many communities are coming together and going all out decorating their homes to bring much need cheer to themselves and their neighbours. For years there has been a debate on when Christmas should start. Retail usually kicks it off in August with a preview range and the battle of the TV Christmas Advert feels like the official start of Christmas now!

2020 has turned most things upside down, with so much uncertainty for everyone wanting to get Christmas started early, as many want to hide under the covers and wait it out.

Christmas is synonymous with a corporate gift to thank staff

Covid or not, many companies utilise the festive season to gift their teams. A well timed thank-you to finish off the year and boost to moral as they prepare for the new one. For many that have been working remotely it has been a lonely time, or challenging balancing family life, home-schooling and setting up a home office in place of the spare room. Those working in the office have felt it too, colleagues furloughed or WFH, seeing the challenges of the business first hand can be stressful.

For those on furlough it can feel frustrating not being able to help when it’s needed most and a lifelong routine is disrupted.

Digital fatigue

Online has no doubt played a lifesaving role for many, from weekly groceries to cheeky takeaways and #lockdown birthdays, there is no denying its growth.

As with any overindulgence, people are weary of online. Needing to take a break and craving human interaction or the opportunity to see, touch, smell products they want to buy.

All hail the letterbox drop!

DM has suffered greatly in the past but is now seeing a resurgence. Recent research reported by Royal Mail has found that engagement with mail is higher than ever at 96%*1. This allows for traditional marketing to step back in, offer some light relief and support online engagement at the same time.

This year, instead of a Christmas Party or free bar at the local pub, why not send your team a letterbox drop. There are a host of quirky ideas from food hampers to tech gadgets, wellbeing kits to virtual cocktail classes and everything in between.

Added to this a personalised Christmas card or letter passing on your thanks and appreciation for a tough year well survived, you have a fantastic corporate gift that will be appreciated reaffirming brand loyalty and staff morale.


Source: *1 JICMAIL, Q2 2018 – Q2 2020 2 Royal Mail MarketReach, Coronavirus

Research, Trinity McQueen 2020


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