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Go Greener and see if you can save money, and the planet

Going greener has crept up on us at home. We are aware of terms like Eco-Friendly, Go Greener,  but do we know what we can do to be truly eco-friendly or live a greener life?

Major brands have stepped up, the impact they can make is far greater than 1 individual yet it takes individuals to speak up and demand the change,  and so the circle begins.

Persil has launched a greener bottle including plant-based stain removers. Both significant consumer-led eco-friendly changes. Coca-Cola revealed a paper bottle prototype. As one of the biggest plastic bottle users, it makes sense they are taking the lead in this innovation.

Paper bottles would be an eco-friendly option for the soft drinks industry

Now it’s the turn of those of us in the workplace to go green!

Here are some simple ideas to get you started on the road to an eco-friendly office:

  • Swap disposable water cooler cups for branded water bottles and reduce your plastic usage significantly over a year.  It’s easy to personalise bottles for your team and have them as part of your  office CSR plan.
  • Just one office computer, when left on for 24 hours a day, will use £45 per year in energy. Use smart monitors in the office to automatically switch energy guzzlers off. Imagine the savings if you were to switch off idle electronics over a weekend.
  • Create a range of saleable eco-friendly items such as branded tote bags or travel mugs. Relatively low cost, these can be used as a free gift with purchase to increase your average order value.  If you sell branded merchandise,  greener options will be high in the priority list of consumers.

Going Green is not a fad or a trend.  we are asked for ‘greener options’ every day.

We’ve recently been working on a project for one of our manufacturing customers involving branded recycled uniform, such as recycled polo shirts and recycled softshell jackets. With recent innovations from brands like Result,  we now have good quality recycled clothing made from recycled plastic bottles and sustainable yarns.

Going greener – options for the clothing industry

A further switch has been an employee recognition project we worked on recently. It included custom-printed seeded paper,  a personalised notebook made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste and a drinks bottle that uses green bioplastic which will biodegrade in active landfill within 5 years.  Greener options are generally more creative,  they offer unique selling points beyond the technology of making them eco-friendly.

The pandemic won’t be the only news in our feeds for much longer. Greta is back in school but she won’t stop campaigning. And Sir David Attenborough released his “Witness Statement“, a sentimental documentary overlaid with hard hitting facts.

As car manufacturers all jump over each other to go all-electric, these ‘choices’ will soon be the norm.

We are also doing our bit. Working towards our own ISO 14001 certification, we have identified small and big changes that we can introduce to make our own green revolution.

If you need help to Go Green, call us 024 7667 3415 we’ll be happy to discuss a few ideas.