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Thank you! Merci! Danke! Cheers! Diolch! Mahalo!

Employee Recognition,  is no different to personal recognition. 

When appreciating someone, be that at home, or at work, our out and about, it is the same thing. We get the same response.


When was the last time someone said thank-you, to you? Or you said thank-you to someone else? A heartfelt thank-you, a thank-you that was genuine, not an automated response for manners.


The past year has taught us to appreciate the little things, realise how little we need to be happy. Appreciation is so underrated. Take a moment, think back to when you heard those 2 magic words, T H A N K – Y O U.


How did you feel? Did you smile, grow a few inches taller knowing you had done something good? I bet you told a few people you’re appreciated by someone. The worst part is when we feel awkward for getting a compliment because they are so rare!


You can change that. And Graphic Arts Group can help you.


As a business, brand or anyone responsible for people, you have the power to make a difference!


By implementing Employee Recognition will raise your team a few inches, give a virtual hug, let someone see their value to you and surprise them with a heartfelt thank-you.

The result? They will feel great. You’ll feel great, and we’ll feel great we inspired planned spontaneous recognition!


Hang on, you said say thank-you,  employee recognition,  what is planned spontaneous recognition?


Planned spontaneous recognition is the conscious decision to be spontaneous. It is planning to add thank-you cards to your team’s wage slips at a random time of the year, not because it is Christmas. It maybe a well-being hamper,  or personalised drinks bottle


It’s a small token gift to a regular customer, or new one, that they weren’t expecting.

Employee Recognition, the simply art of saying Thank-You
Employee Recognition is crucial to any business


A goody bag is a great way to say Thank-You to employees and can include lot's of practical and quirky branded items
A simple goody bag can go a long way to employee engagement


Before you panic about budgets for your employee recognition or planned spontaneous recognition , there will be an option that works for you.

You could do a simple certificate created in power point or a goody bag. You might give your team an extended lunch break or early finish, you might offer a lucky dip for your team.

For customers, you might add a small gift to their order. Offer free gift wrapping, a free taster sample, it is about the sentiment not the size of the gesture.


However you want to say thank-you, we have lots of inspiration to help.


And all that is left for us to say, is, thanks for reading!


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