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What Makes the Ideal Corporate Christmas gift?

As your organisation seeks ways of thanking teams, clients and customers for their annual hard work and support, Christmas planning can easily become hectic! However, early preparation can keep costs down and ensure that thoughtful gifts are sought with plenty of careful consideration.

Christmas often seems little more than an extravagant cost exercise, but there are strategic marketing benefits that can be incorporated into your offering to make the most of the festive spirit.

Company gifting is a great way of implementing your corporate branding into promotional items. Prior to the festive season, many companies opt for executive merchandise such as the classic branded pen set, wallet, cufflinks or a handy wine stopper, for example.  The popularity of these gifts is related to their functionality.

Functional gifts

Using functional items enables you to thank someone while ensuring that your company name is never too far away and regularly in their eyeline. It’s a great example of everyday exposure that is always in the forefront of the user’s mind.

There are numerous functional gifts you can choose from to say ‘thank you’ or ‘Merry Christmas’ that allow for personal branding. A high-quality branded gift can become part of a successful marketing campaign that consistently reminds a user of your presence in the market. Research demonstrates that nearly 90% of people will remember an advertiser for up to two years after receiving a promotional gift!

If you choose the right product, it stays with users for a long period of time. Whether it’s a whiskey glass, drink bottle or a ballpoint pen, it’s highly likely to serve a purpose for the foreseeable future. Each time the item is used, it acts as a reminder of your company. A more useful alternative than a business card that usually remains tucked away in someone’s wallet!

In a world of tech-gadgets, it’s often pleasant to disentangle from the digital realm with gifts that demonstrate your ability to understand the challenges your recipient faces in their everyday lives.


Desktop calendars are extremely useful, regardless of the industry you’re targeting. A quick glance upwards or across your desk and you have all the daily info you need. They’re also a break from digital calendars and diaries that can feel a little invasive after a time (those pop-up reminders!)

Branded business calendars can contain your business name, logo, info, and contact information and cater to your corporate colour scheme for added brand awareness.

Calendars are still also one of the most popular corporate gifts to receive. Consider the fact that the average person will consult their calendar numerous times per day, and there’s the level of indirect engagement you’re having on a daily basis throughout the year.

When we think of the festive period and calendars in the same breath, we’re immediately drawn to the nostalgic daily chocolate treats that come with the annual advent calendars. The excitement of hunting the correct day and unearthing your daily chocolate treat is something many of us still enjoy as adults, proven by the fact that advent calendar gifts have become an ever more popular festive gift throughout the years. Personalise your advent calendar with your company brand using a full digital image to suit your requirements.

Some of the most popular calendar gifts are Easel desktop calendars, largely due to their convenience factor. They’re super compact and comfortably perch next to a desktop for easy access. Simple branding can be incorporated with tear-off date and motto pad.There is no better way to showcase your brand with large print areas for maximum exposure. If you’re keen to add your own branded imagery or design, you might be interested in the panoramic desk top easel. You have the option of creating bespoke promotional branding with impeccably professional printed areas.

If functionality is your thing, you might want to consider a coaster calendar that is guaranteed to remain firmly in place beneath the proverbial cuppa. It is heat and stain resistant to ensure its longevity and available in three shapes.

For even greater functionality, incorporate useful office stationery that is certain to benefit busy workers. Post-it notes are a must have in any office environment, so you can pretty much guarantee that they’re a useful appendage to any calendar. The Calendarpod contains 12 pictorial or bespoke calendar inserts to suit your branding, with a 50-sheet stick notepad and five 25 sheet index tabs. It looks tidy and compact, and is a must-have for any desk.  Remote workers can even benefit from a Calendarpod-Mini to ensure that smaller desks don’t over-clutter.


Diaries are exceptional gifts for those that still like to exercise their writing skills in the digital era. Often considered as superior branded giveaways, they are ideal for a wide range of people and industry sectors. A corporate diary will keep your clients and customers focused on your brand all year round.

You can choose from a compact pocket diary, an easy access desk diary in matt finish or leather effect – all available in a number of colours. With a varied assortment, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

Sweet Treats

If your team, or clients are motivated by edible gifts, and who isn’t over the festive season, there are a number of great options available to deliver that are ideal for a sweet tooth.

Delicious frosted cupcakes are a wonderfully uplifting gift, particularly with your own edible logo perfectly positioned on top. They’re available in numerous colours and are post friendly. What a perfect gift to receive as you wind down for the Christmas break!

For something a bit different, you might also like our cake in a jar. Available in four different flavours and with clear branding, you can bring Bake-Off to the office! Or why not send a candy cane card in place of the standard Christmas card?

As you can see, there are a huge variety of options that you can add to your corporate gift offering this festive season to create maximum impact and spread goodwill to your employees and clients.

If you’re looking for branded Christmas gifts that feature cutting edge design, please get in touch with us today.