Label & Screenprint

Labels – we’re not talking designer!

2021 is our 40th Birthday. That’s a fair few years’ of making industrial labels and tags! It’s how we started and is still a major division in our business.

Labels surround our everyday living, there are labels on the food we purchase, the doors we open, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear.  If you have a quick look around you now, I bet there are at least 10 labels in reaching distance and we can produce most of them!

Underpinned by our ISO9001 accreditation, we produce the domed labels, often used for name badges and car badges, barcode labels, allowing supply chains to manage stock accurately and chemical resistant labels for industry.

Some basic tips for selecting your label partner:

Are they accredited?

It might not seem as important, until you are let down with poor label quality and your product is on hold, damaging sales and reputation.  ISO 9001 certification demonstrates a company can work to a quality management system that will ensure both products and service are consistently high. It also demonstrates the commitment of a company to high standards.

Can they manage the volume?

As with many things, volumes will vary and probably not more so than in the label category. From bespoke drinks bottles to industrial part labels, you will need to ensure your printer can handle your order and grow with you if needed. Switching printers isn’t easy as you often need to maintain the exact same design and colour. Future proof your projects by asking the question upfront!

Can they use the material you require?

From basic vinyl labels to freezer suitable and aluminium plates, ensuring your label printer can not only handle the material you need, but can source it cost effectively and ensure a consistent high standard of print is crucial.

Is the print quality precise?

If you have ticked the above, this should be a given. It shouldn’t be assumed though. Ask for samples of similar projects and work with your printer to ensure expectations are managed with what can and should be achieved.

If you have a complex project you can ask to attend a print pass for on press approval. Working closely with your printer will allow you to reach the standards you want and maintain quality going forward.