Label & Screenprint

Labels are often an afterthought

A labour of love

Product developers, you know how this works, you’ve built your product, spent countless hours perfecting the design and written every line of code for the operating system.  You test and test again, and re-test! It’s exactly as you want and now marketing take it over and position it to your customers.

Marketing want to brand it so customers know who produced this masterpiece….

Isn’t it crazy, in this world where product appearance plays a major part in virtually all purchase decisions, that we often leave the product branding until last?

Don’t be shy

High brand recognition is one of the most important metrics marketers aspire to achieve. Whilst many might recognise your product due to its distinct shape, style, or even colour, adding your logo through a badge, label or name plate acts as a seal of approval, quality, craftsmanship and reliability.

Don’t fall in to the trap of user error! Add an operator label.

All too often our products can be quickly discarded if they do not match expectation. Ensuring clear and concise user instructions are added to your product,  could be make or break for its success. Appropriate labelling with operator instructions will add value to the user experience and ensure your product is used to its full potential, just as you intended.

We know labels

Whether you need logo badges, decals, facia labels, name plates, ID tags, or simply to help your customer operate your product correctly, we manufacture them all, and have plenty of experience in making your product look as good as it deserves.

Involving us earlier in the design process means we can help with ideas to make it stand out from the crowd as well as perform flawlessly.

Every label, badge, facia label, tag,  name plate or sticker is made with 4 decades of experience, you’re in safe hands.

Branded Logo Badge