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Goody Bag Brief from D&H

Recently one of our customers approached us to help them with a goody bag.  Attending a popular sector event,  they wanted to stand out.  After asking a few questions,  what would go in the bag, how long would it be used for,  how they planned to hand it out etc, we knew a paper bag was the answer.

Eco-Friendly and practical

We considered a tote bag and whilst these remain popular, customers tend to comment they have already got so many and they don’t need another one! We opted for a paper bag with a twisted handle and recommended a simple design to really hero their logo. once finished with,  it can be popped into your recycling bin at home.

The paper bags are strong enough for the items used in the goody bag and comfortable to carry around an event.

The result was impactful and our customer was very happy!

Free space is frequently missed

By ensuring the iconic D&H logo stood out on the bag,  there was soon a sea of branding walking around the show for FREE! This is a simple execution of brand activation that has a big impact. Turning customers in to walking billboards, the impressions of your brand increase significantly.

If you have an event of even a staff giveaway and you want to make the most of any branding opportunity you get,  give our expert team a call 024 7667 3415