Corporate Print Thinking Out Loud

How Full Is Your “Too Hard Basket”

Making the complex, easy

Profound words for 7.43am on a Wednesday morning! We’re having our usual catch up on projects, and it’s a comment one of our newest customers has made to us.

It’s feedback we get a lot; we accept it graciously and then do nothing with it.  We pondered this for a minute. It’s what we do, who we are, it comes natural to us and we rather enjoy it so we take ourselves for granted?

We are printers. With 4 decades of experience, we are well versed in old and new technology, how to work with difficult materials, how to get the best print finish, how to achieve the perfect colour match. That bit, isn’t complex.

The complexity is at the initial project scoping stage, when the decision is made to upgrade, renew, refresh.  This is when a hundred plates are thrown in the year and everyone ducks for cover!

The “Too Hard” Basket

This basket is full of the jobs everyone keeps putting off. It’s the job that will bring benefit, but also takes up a lot of time and energy to begin, let alone finish. If you have decided to overhaul your businesses printed collateral, need to update signage around a large site or multiple sites, or have any project that involves multiple components and multiple designs, is going to be put in to the “Too Hard Basket”.  The sheer work involved in simply cataloguing the various components is enough to bring out the too hard basket let alone begin to allocate solutions and then deliver them… usually at the same time!

The most powerful USP we have

The standard of our work is scrutinised every project we do. That’s from the service we provide through to the products we deliver. This, to us, is normal. Our work is always on the coal face, in the spot light and our customers need it to be the best, so they get the best.

For many, that point alone would be the USP of their company. For us, taking your complex project and peeling away the layers so we can build it back up in to an easy solution is, our most powerful USP.

So, go on, throw your plates in the air and let us to spin them for you!