Corporate Print

Direct Mail is far from dead!

Direct Mail makes a come back!

The 80’s was a popular time for direct mail. Before digital became the norm, it was a major activity in any marketers plan.
Readers Digest comes to mind, alongside a local take away and double glazing! Dubbed “junk-mail”, we often scooped it up and simply threw it in the bin. 

But! And this is important!

Direct Mail delivers a tangible, tactile communication.

It can also drive traffic to your digital channels…
A novelty for younger audiences, direct mail has come full circle. All age groups now report engagement with items posted through the letterbox.
2 in 5 people* have reported digital burnout in recent years. It has meant our spam folders get bigger. Recent changes to privacy settings also gives brands less visibility of email engagement.
With target audiences working from home, direct mail obtains favorable engagement levels. In recent times, direct mail has also be linked to increased online traffic by 70% YOY.*
The rise in post-box gifting has also seen a rise in printed materials. Post-cards dropped in to promote social platforms help drive online engagement.

If you’re thinking about a direct mail project, why not give the team a call. We can help with ideas and creative ways to help communicate your message.
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* Data source Royal Mail Market Reach 2020