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Corporate Print – Selecting the right print partner

Communication is king

The amount of communication channels within any business, small or large can be overwhelming. From payslips, offer letters and training manuals to customer invoices and product brochures, keeping brand consistency across every communication document can be tough.

Creativity should be used for any comms, internal or external. The opportunity to subtly portray brand personality is a golden nugget not to be wasted.

Switching on the power of print

Here are our Top Tips when choosing a print partner for your corporate print needs:

#1 Experience

Printing requires attention to detail.  Unlike digital which can be instantly updated or changed, print must be 100% accurate at point of printing.  A good print partner will guide you and offer support from working to your budget to getting the best out of your creative

#2 Print Finishes

Print finish can really make or break your printed collateral. A tactile finish gained from embossing or debossing, soft touch finishes of even velvet create a powerful emotion as people “feel” the quality and not just see it. If your printed collateral is going to be handled a lot like a business card or training manual than you will want a water-resistant varnish that doesn’t stain easily and is light to handle. There are also developments in anti-microbial treatments in line with covid cleaning

#3 Selecting your substrate

Paper thickness is measured in GSM (Grams per square meter).  It can hugely impact the quality feel to any document, whether that be a folder, letter or brochure. Collateral with a short shelf life like a seasonal brochure or one-off communication can often be printed on a lower GSM as this will help keep costs in check

#4 Eco Friendly options

Water based ink isn’t new but is preferred as its 70% water, reducing chemicals and resins. There is also a wider variety of paper and card materials even cork that either come from recycled sources and or can be recycled. These options work well resonating with both staff and customers that are now more aware of the environmental impact of printed collateral

#5 Service

It goes without saying, no matter what you are buying, you want the best service as well.  With the amount of detail within print, you should work with partners that want to protect your brand as much as you do.